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LED lighting design developed in four directions

Mar 05, 2012

And energy-saving of

Research data show that because the LED cold light source, lighting itself there is no pollution to the environment, compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving efficiency can be more than 90%. Under the same brightness, power consumption is only incandescent 1/10, fluorescent tubes 1/2. If replacing our current traditional lighting with LED 50%, save the amount of power each year is equivalent to the sum of a power generating capacity of the three gorges, the energy-saving benefits are substantial.

Second, health

LED is a green light. DC Drive LED lights, no strobe without IR and UV components, no radioactive contamination, high color rendering and is very good for light direction; dimming performance, Visual error will be generated when color temperature change; cold light source of low heat, you can safely touch; these are incandescent and fluorescent lamps are not up to it. It can provide comfortable lighting space, can satisfy one's physical health needs, is to protect vision and environmental health source.

Third, the art of

Light color make up the basic elements of Visual aesthetics, are an important means of beautification. Selection of light source is directly affecting the artistic effect of the light, LED lamp art on display in light color displayed on the incomparable advantages; color LED products at present, it covers the entire range of the visible spectrum, and good color, high color purity, combinations of red, green and yellow LED color and grayscale (16.7 million colors) choose to have greater flexibility. Lamp is glowing sculptures, structures made of materials, structures, patterns and textures as well as demonstrating the art of lighting material forms an important means.

Four, human

There is no doubt that light and the relationship is an eternal topic, "we can see the light, I saw the light" is the classic word changed countless designers ' understanding of light. Lamps of the highest level is a "lamp" is the highest expression of Humanized lighting, no trace of any common lamp in the room, so that people can feel the glow and light source could not be found, embodies the perfect combination of human life and human design.