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LED Light Bar

Jun 23, 2020

Generally, LED light belts can be divided into flexible LED light belts and hard LED light strips. However, old-fashioned LED belts that connect LED with wires are also included, such as flat three-wire 4.3W/ m, flat four-wire 6.48w/m and flat five-wire 8.64W/ m.

  1. The flexible LED ribbon USES FPC as assembly circuit board and SMD LED as assembly, so that the thickness of the product is only the thickness of a coin and does not take up space; The general specifications include 18 leds 30cm long, 24 leds and 15 leds 50cm long, 24 leds and 30 leds. There are 60cm, 80cm and so on, different users have different specifications. And can be cut at will, also can be extended at will and luminescence is not affected. FPC material is soft and can be bent, folded and wound at will. It can be moved and expanded in three-dimensional space at will without breaking. Suitable for irregular place and space narrow place to use, also because of its can arbitrary bend and winding, suit to combine all sorts of patterns arbitrarily in advertisement adornment.

  2. LED hard light strip is made of PCB hard board for assembly circuit board. LED can be assembled by patch LED or directly inserted LED. The advantage of hard lamp strip is more easy to fix, processing and installation are more convenient; The disadvantage is that it does not bend at will and does not fit in irregular places. There are 18 leds, 24 leds, 30 leds, 36 leds, 40 leds and so on. There are 18 leds, 24 leds, 36 leds, 48 leds and other different specifications, there are the front side of the side, the side of the light is also called the Great Wall.