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LED companies in the three new board review---oakled flood lights

Sep 23, 2016

Capital feast Guangyu, Ming Hua Puyong 19 LED companies in the three new board review

 LED lighting gold coming period of three years, stadium lights three new board of appeal is increasing, LED business leveraging the new board to gain momentum in the more capital boost be greater. frontpbackpfrontp reporter from the National SME share transfer system (three new board) official website has learned that now includes Shanxi Guangyu, Hua Puyong Ming, Trinity Luen Kwong,high-power-led-flood-light Lin'an Hang Seng and other 19 LED and related companies listed three new board pending process, large part in the implementation of feedback are to be issued or feedback stage.1000W-led-flood-light In addition, Changzhou Green lighting has been listed on August 19 in three new board. backpfrontp according to earnings data this 19 enterprises in the new three-panel display of pre-disclosure: backpfrontp NO.1 Shanxi Guangyu Semiconductor Lighting, 2014 operating income of 207,412,200 yuan, an increase of 27.85%; net profit of 23.2523 million yuan, an increase of 35.6% .RGB-LED-flood-light backpfrontp Shanxi Guangyu is a famous high-power LED lighting products and integrated solutions for service providers, products covered road lighting, tunnel lighting in many areas, site lighting,stadium-lighting industrial lighting, architectural landscape lighting, specialty lighting, indoor lighting; Guangyu brand products and typical engineering case has been around the world more than 70 countries and regions; LED lights, LED tunnel lights and other products applied amount in the same industry for many years ranked leader. backpfrontp NO.2 Hangzhou Hua Puyong Ming, 2014 operating income of 163,685,100 yuan, net profit of 7,838,800 yuan,China-led-light an increase of 236.86%. backpfrontp bright with a strong design team, becoming the only Chinese LED lights competitiveness ranking second one targeted at design workshops tailored to customers design scheme for two consecutive years ranked Engineering LED LED industry. led-arena-light Ming Manufacturing module includes 30,000 per day, with an annual output over one million high-power LED lights the whole capacity. backpfrontp NO.3 Shenzhen on March 1 Luen Kwong, 2014 operating income of 23.3168 million yuan, an increase of 339.06%; net profit of 658,600 yuan, an increase of 637.19%. Trinity United backpfrontp Shenzhen LED light is mainly engaged in testing, spectral and other automated tape devices and robotic research and development, production and sales. 2015 January-March revenue of 3,722,400 yuan. backpfrontp NO.4 Jiangsu send Connaught photovoltaic, 2014 revenue of 14.5564 million yuan, an increase of 54.68%; net profit of 1,455,800 yuan,tennis-court-lights an increase of 2527.80%. backpfrontp send Connaught Optoelectronics is a research and development, production, marketing, engineering services as one of the enterprises, the main products for switching power supply, LED lighting, LED display and equipment. 2015 January-February revenue reached 3.5475 million yuan. backpfrontp NO.5 dimensional photoelectric Shenzhen Road,led-tennis-light 2014 operating income of 99.2402 million yuan, an increase of 30.32%, net profit of 10.4869 million yuan, an increase of 247.74%. backpfrontp road-dimensional photoelectric main business for photolithographic mask of research and development, production and sales, lithography mask applications more widely, including the touch screen industry, flat panel display, IC, PCB and other industries. 2015 January-March revenue of 18,610,400 yuan.