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LED Anti-glare Stadium Floodlight System

Jan 05, 2021

LED Anti-glare Stadium Floodlight System

The anti-glare lighting system allows the camera to accurately capture every move on the court, and allows the audience to watch the game. The building facade lighting will bring enthusiastic audiences to your competition venues and show the outstanding style of the venues. Intelligent lighting control systems can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Learn how to make your stadiums more flexible and changeable to host more different types of activities and create a unique and versatile sports and entertainment venue while saving money.

Features of smart LED sports lighting system:

1: The multifunctional lighting system is flexible and changeable, leading the era, and meeting future needs. The LED venue lighting system combines intelligent interconnected lighting control and remote monitoring to reduce costs and expenditures. The same venue has multiple functions and can be used for various activities to achieve more camps. Receive mode, lighting, entertainment and sound system are integrated into one, allowing the audience to fully integrate into it

2: Create unique lighting technology for stadium lighting to avoid glare, and meet the strict requirements of high-definition camera slow motion shot playback. Outstanding color rendering and color temperature, combined with uniform lighting effects, ensure a clear vision of athletes in the stadium

3: Bright lights in the stadium and surrounding areas improve safety and increase the flow of people. The instructions for seats, restaurants, souvenir shops and exits are clearer. Fans, athletes and staff can obtain higher safety and comfort and improve sports The reputation of the venues improves the audience experience and creates stunning lighting effects. With sound effects and music, every game and every performance is amazing. Operating income continues to flow through the multi-functional venue strategy to provide extraordinary lighting effects for high-end entertainment events and attract more events.