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Increased safety type explosion-proof lamps-Lighting knowledge

May 07, 2015

Along with mining and related special needs of industrial enterprises, the lighting requirements are increasing, which under normal operating conditions, increased safety type explosion-proof lamps will not produce an electric arc, spark or high temperatures may ignite explosive mixtures, to improve the safe production and use of results.

Increased standards of GB3836 explosion-proof lamps: safety increased type explosion-proof lamps, lighting, test method proposed strict technical requirements.

1. Switches, triggers that may create sparks or dangerous parts should be placed in explosion-cavity temperatures, or placed to achieve the same safety margin of the shell (such as casting, sand, etc), in order to avoid igniting flammable gases.

2. The choice of light sources. Compared with other types of explosion-proof lamps, increase safety explosion-proof lamps '> type explosion-proof lamps to light is the most strict requirements. Feed power supply lighting allowed the use of a light source as follows:

A non-starter, with a single pin fluorescent lamps;

B, a general purpose incandescent

C, mixed light lamps (self-ballasted mercury lamps).

3. Temperature measurements. Explosion-proof lamps maximum surface temperature of the test point is on the outer surface of the luminaire. Increased safety type explosion-proof lamps require any of its component parts should not exceed a maximum surface temperature of the corresponding temperature class requirements, the maximum surface temperature of lamp appears on the light bulb. Therefore, using the same light source of flameproof luminaires of increased safety luminaires temperature class (due to the different test points, test appearance, a log inside) will send 1, 2 Group at least. Temperature class is determined by this method of increasing safety explosion-proof lamps '> type explosion-proof lamps, there will be no high temperatures could ignite an explosive.

4. Lampholders use explosion-cavity structures. Screw socket may produce sparks when replacing the bulb part should be mounted in a separate explosion-cavity. Loosening it himself in order to prevent the spiral bulb in a lamp, lamp holder rotation human moment and rotation of output torque should conform to the requirements set out in standards. Single-pin no starter fluorescent lamps and lamp base lamp holder shall conform to provisions of Fa6 socket, its structure is flame-proof structure. This structure avoids the generation of sparks.