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Hybrid Football Field Lighting System

May 23, 2019

Hybrid Football Field Lighting System


Football field lighting, as an important part of the football game, is of great significance to the football game. Hybrid lighting is a kind of cloth lighting type that solves the lighting technology and lighting effect in the large-scale comprehensive soccer field in the world. The soccer field lighting hybrid arrangement is a lighting method in which four corners and two side arrangements (including a multi-rod arrangement and a light belt arrangement) are organically combined.


The multi-pole arrangement of the soccer field lighting is a form of arrangement on both sides of the soccer field illumination. The two sides of the soccer field lighting are arranged in combination with the light pole or the building horse track, and are arranged on both sides of the playing field in the form of concentrated or continuous light belt. The multi-bar arrangement of the football field lighting is to set multiple sets of light poles on both sides of the venue. Its outstanding advantage is that the power consumption is relatively low, and the vertical illumination and the horizontal illumination are better. Due to the low pole, this type of lamp has the advantages of less investment and convenient maintenance.


The football field lighting strip arrangement is another form of arrangement on both sides, that is, the lamps are arranged in rows on both sides of the court to form a continuous light strip illumination system. The lighting of the belt is uniform, and the brightness between the athlete and the stadium is relatively good. At present, the lighting method in the world can meet the requirements of color television broadcasting, high-definition television broadcasting and even ultra-high-definition television broadcasting.

Hybrid lighting system advantages:

The football field lighting hybrid arrangement has the advantages of two kinds of cloth lamps, which enhances the sense of solidity, and the vertical illumination and uniformity in four directions are more reasonable, but the degree of glare is increased. At this time, the four corners are often not set independently, but are unified with the structure of the building, so the cost is relatively low.

The floodlights used in the four corners of the football field are mostly narrow beams, which solve the problem of long-range light. The light belts are mostly medium beams and narrow beams, which realize far, medium and near projection. Due to the hybrid arrangement, the projection angle and azimuth arrangement of the four corners can be handled flexibly, and the length of the light strip arrangement can be appropriately shortened, and the height of the strip can be appropriately reduced.。


Hybrid lighting selection

Due to the professionalism and particularity of football, the choice of football field lighting should be extra cautious. In the field of football field lighting, OAK LED is a provider of sports lighting system solutions, with a leading edge in football field lighting! The main features of OAK LED football field lighting are high anti-glare and high light efficiency. These two factors are just the relevant requirements of football field lighting!

OAK LED stadium lights offer 5 different beam angles, 100% matching the current multi-rod arrangement, strip layout and hybrid lighting system, which can save a lot of fixture cost, installation and maintenance costs.

With the rapid development of football, the requirements for football field lighting will be more stringent, and OAK will face you with the upcoming boom of sports lighting.