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How to make the maintenance of explosion-proof LED lamp

Jun 13, 2013

Not recommended explosion-proof LED lamp by specialized personnel for maintenance, repair, after all, a person's energy is limited, and sometimes forget maintenance, forget to check, some of these situations are. Needed explosion-proof light playing a lot, most of the places of installation of explosion-proof lights while it was in production work, is recommended by many people in a small group, for explosion-proof LED lamp for maintenance and repair.

Explosion-proof LED lamp recommended two weeks maintenance time, specific action is to cut off the connection of explosion-proof LED lamp power, with a rag with water, explosion-proof LED lamp outside especially where external heat sink for cleaning. Some more dust in the operating environment, piling onto LED outside the explosion-proof light will affect the light inside the transparent cover, transparent cover to keep it clean.

If there are explosion-proof light up led sight light, look at the filament in the bulb is intact, filament intact, then is a lamp problem, at this time we should contact explosion-proof LED lighting supplier, take goods sent back to the factory for repair.