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How to lower UGR level

Mar 21, 2019

How to lower UGR level

UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is a measure of the glare in a given environment.It is basically the logarithm of the glare of all visible lamps, divided by the background lumination.


It`s documented that the main factors contributing to glare and the quality of the visual environment:


1.Brightness of the source or luminous area.

2.Visual size of the source.

3.Brightness of the surrounding field.

4.Position of the source in the visual field.

5.Number of sources in the visual field.

6.Configuration of the sources.


Here are some methods to lower UGR:


1.The most effective way to is to implement light shielding into the geometry of the luminaire fixture, also known as light cutoff or spill guard. This will redirect light spill to fulfill the expected lighting distribution, usually upright to the light emitting surface, and away from the route of sight.


2.Choosing indirect lighting that distributes more light upward than downward, diffusing the light.


3.It can also be accomplished by implementing a reflector or lens or by recessing the luminaire.Special lenses or other diffusing media on fixtures that diffuse the fixture's light output


4.In an office, it may be possible to de-emphasize the ambient lighting system with reduced light output and diffusing media, while providing adjustable task fixtures at workstations


5.Relocating the light source.


6.Choosing materials of the housing with lower level of glossiness.


7.Relocating the task or changing its orientation until the glare is removed


8.Changing the surface reflectance of the task


9.Use blinds or shades on windows to control the amount or transmittance angle of sunlight entering the space.


10.Designing higher mounting height.