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How to Light Up The Baseball Field

Jun 12, 2019

How to Light Up The Baseball Field ?

We provide lighting for baseball fields and stadiums, compatible with world-class competitions such as Minor & Major League Baseball (MLB). Lighting is one of the indispensable parts of the game - a good floodlighting system can stimulate the fun of baseball and improve the performance of the players. We provide the best LED lights for baseball stadiums, saving 80% of energy from 400 watts, 1000 watts to 1500 watts after replacing metal halide lamps, mercury lamps, halogen lamps or HPS lamps. Our unique thermal management system helps to reduce the junction temperature of the LED chip, extending the life of the lamp to 80,000 hours. Our products are also suitable for outdoor sports fields or indoor batting cages.

This passage will introduce to you how to light up the baseball field and show you what key advantages we have on our lighting products.

According to the lighting manual for baseball field, we should follow many standards and requirements.

1. Lux level required

For a standard minor league game, the infield illuminance should be at least 540 lux and the field illuminance should be 320 lux.

2. Lighting uniformity standard

Uniformity represents the ratio between the minimum and maximum lux in the baseball field, or the ratio between the average and the maximum lux. The optimum lighting system should have as high a uniformity as possible to avoid unwanted dark areas. The internal field uniformity is 0.5 and the external field uniformity is 0.4 (the ratio of the minimum to the maximum). Therefore, we can see that the infield needs a higher standard.

3. Flicker-free lighting

The maximum speed of baseball and bats is about 100 to 150 km / h. Our LED lights support a 6000 Hz high speed camera. Therefore, we will never miss any critical moments.

4. CRI

According to the guide, the baseball field has an illumination CRI of at least 65. Our LED lights have an 80 CRI that allows the camera to capture "real" colors.

Key Advantages of OAK LED Baseball Field Lighting

1. OAK LED baseball field lighting system is bright enough

Whether it is recreational, professional, university or league, you must install high quality and bright floodlights to provide proper lighting. We provide for standard high power LED baseball court light from 100 to 1,000 watts, even more higher power lights, which is enough to illuminate the entire baseball fields.

2. OAK LED baseball field lighting is energy-saving and Long-lasting

We use LED lights for baseball stadiums because it is 80% more energy efficient than metal halide lamps. Our lights are also 80,000 hours, equivalent to 8 hours and 25 years of work a day; therefore, this technology is beginning to be popular.

It is practical and worthwhile to install LEDs in this type of course, although the price of light is slightly higher than MH due to the high-end technology involved. If you convert to our fixtures, the cost of running baseball lights can be saved up to $100,000 per year.

3. OAK LED baseball field lighting does not require warm-up time

 LED stadium lighting can be turned on and off immediately, eliminating the need to observe 10-15 minutes of warm-up in conventional lighting. Our products are also equipped with motion sensors to enhance the safety of the stadium if you have any need.

4. OAK LED baseball field lighting does not cause light pollution

The potential problem of light intrusion as claimed by the sports lighting design standards must be addressed. The threshold varies depending on the nature of the area near the baseball field. For example, a dense urban area allows for 2.1 fc / 1.5 fc light intrusion levels, while in rural areas, a remote area only allows 0.42 fc / 0.3 fc. In addition to the course, our engineers will also consider the brightness level outside the park to minimize light pollution.