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How To Choose the LED High Bay Light For Warehouse

May 19, 2020

How To Choose the LED High Bay Light For Warehouse

In warehouse lighting, productivity and safety should be the primary concern. Since the warehouse usually has a high ceiling, it is challenging enough to properly illuminate the entire space. In addition to the installation, if choosing a poor quality light fixture, we still need to reserve a considerable amount of money for maintenance. Due to the high durability of LEDs and low power costs, LED high bay lights are the best solution to replace metal halides, halogens, HPS, LPS, fluorescent lamps. But how could we choose the best lighting fixtures for our warehouses? Here are 6 tips to help you make the right decision.

Tip 1. Considering the dimension and design of warehouse

"We just want to light up a warehouse of size xxx, please give us a solution." In addition to this area, the height of the roof and the location of the shelves can affect the placement of the lighting. For example, we need to use a denser array of overhead linear floodlights to illuminate narrow aisles. Then, for high ceilings, it is best to use a smaller beam angle to preserve the ground brightness. If you have a lower roof and a spacious area, we can use a wider beam angle and a lower density array for better uniformity.

Tip 2. The glare issue

The dazzling light caused the warehouse workers to be uncomfortable. There are many dangerous machines and tools in the warehouse, such as forklifts. Intense glare can irritate their eyes and affect the people or objects they see next to them. According to past news reports, about 15% of accidents are related to improper lighting. Therefore, it is essential to have a good warehouse lighting system. Our LED high bay lights feature a precise optical lighting system with anti-glare control, which can reduce glare by 99% compared to conventional lighting equipment such as metal halide lamps and halogen floodlights.

Tip 3. The dimming function for warehouse lighting

The first function of dimming is to maintain brightness consistency throughout the day. During the day, we can dim the warehouse lighting as the sun shines through the windows. In the evening, we can increase the brightness and provide enough brightness for the workers. This flexible operation helps maintain an optimal working environment.

Dimmers are very useful for saving energy. Because of the many functions in the warehouse, each function has the best brightness requirements. For example, we need higher lumen fixes and less general storage. It would be convenient to use if the warehouse lighting can be dimmed for each purpose without re-installing the lights.

And we can offer the LED high bay lights with DALI, DMX, PWM, ZIgbee dimming systems for option. Also you can choose photoelectric sensors or motion sensors to detect brightness and whether it is separately. If you don't need to turn on the light or use full brightness, the dimmer will automatically reduce the brightness.

Tip 4. Choosing high luminous efficiency LED high bay lights

Have you ever experienced that even using 1000W light is not so bright? The possible reason is that you use a halogen or incandescent bulb. Because of their very low energy efficiency, even when you use "high power" luminaires, the brightness is very low. But the luminous efficiency of LEDs is 8 to 10 times higher than these conventional lamps. Therefore, the 100W LED high bay light can replace the 1000W halogen lamp or metal halide lamp. We offer different powers for LED high bay light, from 90W to 480W with 170 lm/w, so you can find the most suitable lighting solution according to your real need.

Tip 5. Choosing high quality LED high bay lights

Installation costs are usually comparable to bulb costs. Choosing a high quality and long lifespan LED high bay light can save your more maintenance costs. LED lamps have a lifetime of 80,000 hours, which is equivalent to 30 years of use per day for 6 to 7 hours. But if you use metal halide lamps, you may have experienced replacing them almost every few months or years because the brightness of non-LED lights drops sharply quickly.

Moreover, the price of high quality LED high bay lights is not cheap because of the cost of best materials used, it is impossible to see that 100W LED high bay light only sells 40 dollars. If have, some manufacturers may use poor quality LED chips and materials for these lamps and sell them with lower price to attract the clients but the quality cannot be guaranteed.

Tip 6. Offering customized services

Each site has its own unique settings such as ceiling height, area, and brightness requirements. Some warehouses have special uses such as chemical manufacturing and refrigeration, so it is suitable to use the explosion-proof or refrigerated lighting fixtures. And the necessary reinforcement provided can protect the lamps work well in an emergency. Welcome to consult with us if you need us to offer any customized lighting solutions for your warehouse lighting projects.