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How To Choose Best LED High Mast Lighting

Aug 23, 2019

How To Choose Best LED High Mast Lighting?

High mast lighting provides adequate lighting for large outdoor areas such as airports, highways, terminals, stadiums, parking lots, harbours, and shipyards. Due to their high energy efficiency, flexibility and durability, LEDs are a very common source of light for these purposes. In addition, the best high mast lighting systems should have proper lux levels, illumination uniformity and color temperature. Let us explore how to choose the best LED high mast lighting for different lighting projects.

1. Power & Lux Level (Brightness) Calculation

According to the Texas Department of Transportation's High Mast Lighting Guidelines, fixtures are installed at a height of at least 100 feet. To calculate the power required for a high mast tower lamp, we first need to understand the lighting requirements. In general, it will take 300 to 500 lux for recreational sports field, and 50 to 200 lux for airport apron, harbour and outdoor industrial areas.

For example, if a standard football field with the size of 68 ×105 meters needs to reach 300 lux, then the lumens required = 300 lux x 7140 square meters = 2,142,000 lumens; therefore, the estimated minimum power = 13000W if use OAK LED high mast lights with 170lm/w. The actual value increases with the height of the mast. For more accurate and complete photometric analysis, please feel free to contact OAK LED.

2. High Lighting Uniformity for Better Coverage

The best high mast lighting systems should provide high uniformity lighting. It represents the ratio between the minimum and the average, or the ratio of the minimum to the minimum. We can see that the maximum illumination uniformity is 1. However, due to the inevitable light scattering and the projection angle of the illuminator, we rarely achieve such a maximum. The illumination uniformity of 0.7 is already very high, as this is a professional stadium hosting international competitions such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics.

For parking lots, airports and seaports, 0.35 to 0.5 is suitable. Why do we need uniform lighting? This is because uneven bright spots and dark spots can cause eye strain, and if some key areas are not bright enough, there may be risks. We offer you a free DiaLux design according to flood planning and lighting requirements, so you can always get the best lighting system for a high mast tower.

3. Anti-glare

Anti-glare lighting reduces the dazzling effect. This feature is especially important for road users. Blind lights can increase reaction time and cause catastrophic consequences. Our LED lights are equipped with a built-in anti-glare lens that reduces glare by 50-70% for added security and user experience.

4. Color Temperature

Yellow (2700K) and white light (6000K) each have advantages. The yellow light looks more comfortable, which is beneficial for workers who are often exposed to artificial lighting in the workplace. However, white light allows us to see the true color of the object. Depending on your needs and application, we will help you choose the right color temperature.

5. Avoid light pollution

Significant light scattering and reflection can cause light pollution and affect neighboring residential areas. Our LED lamps feature high quality optics and lighting to minimize light pollution. Precise luminaire positioning and special accessory like the shield or barndoor prevent the beam from propagating to unwanted areas.