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How about the market ---OAKLED stadium lights

Sep 20, 2016

How to market? Guzhen Lighting price index in July through the mystery

frontp respectively, 125.16 points, 121.98 points, 124.37 points and 121.15 points,stadium lights the average monthly number of 123.17 points, compared with 123.68 points in June mean the chain fell 0.5%. In July this year, although the overall lighting prices fell slightly compared with June, but the momentum is still strong, high power led flood light,remain high volatility of the situation. The first month of the third quarter, the price index has been rising compared with the overall level of the previous two quarters, indicating lighting market inertia into the final stages of seasonal adjustment.led stadium light, In July this year, the overall price index lighting rose 20.36% compared with 102.76 points in July last year. Obviously, stadium floodlights,this year's market trading atmosphere warm relative to last year, and there are early signs of improvement. backpfrontp Although July is the traditional off-season, but in recent years, in order to seek a way out, renovation projects across the country, home accessories exhibition to stimulate the market and some of the projects have been started in July, gym lights,in order to seek some opportunities to compete with the off-season. This year is no exception, a series of home exhibition, Lighting Fair held a series, so that the traditional off-season, uncharacteristically, gave birth to promote lighting market is not the same excitement. backpfrontp four series of the index in July, the average monthly number three liters a drop, in particular: backpfrontp commercial lighting series July mean of 102.94 points,high power led flood light compared with June rose 2.27%; backpfrontp outdoor lighting series July mean of 117.78 points, compared with June rose 1.89%. backpfrontp Lighting Series July mean of 135.64 points, compared with June decreased by 1.72%; backpfrontp light series July average number of 93.28 points, compared with June rose 2.19%; backpfrontp (1) Commercial Lighting index shocks stabilized. Commercial Lighting July average ring relatively June rose 2.27 percent,stadium lights 97.38 points in early newspaper, reported at the end of 106.15 points, rose to 9.01 percent ending. Although not a substantial rise in performance, but the overall trend was a shock to stabilize, for two consecutive months to become the backbone of pulling the overall index rose. Domestic PPI index in June, the year on year decline in July to expand and bottom, showing domestic industrial products,led stadium light particularly the average prices more volatile raw material costs as there are some upside for the latter part of the base of the lighting business. In addition, commercial lighting series index volatility stabilized,stadium lights but also because of the series of product varieties and specifications, the market demand is stable but rigid homogeneous competition is more intense. backpfrontp (2) Outdoor Lighting index finished lower. Outdoor Lighting index in July trend is still there was a substantial change in the ups and downs, very active, hitting a new high of 124.8 in mid-point,tennis court light but then plunged 9.77 percent, then rose 3.05 percent to 116.05 points satisfactory ending. Outdoor lighting by consumer demand, control technology, application awareness and joint action of national policy, has been in a precarious situation. Outdoor lighting products demand more from project orders bulk purchases, wide range of applications, higher gross margins, and to promote the LED industry downstream demand continued to hit, in order to replace the traditional lighting LED lights city increasing, policy countries and regions promotion and subsidies continue to be launched to promote the series index rose nearly three months in a row, but also increases the range of products the inevitable result of market demand. Analysts believe that the recent market demand for outdoor lighting products is relatively stable or rose slightly.