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Hongli Opto-electronic interim net profit increased 81% SMD LED income of 490 million yuan--OAK led flood light

Sep 29, 2016

  Text / Engineering LED Zhao Hui With the semi-annual disclosure of net profit surge 81 percent, Hongli Opto-electronic recurrent red envelope, intended to be the capital fund to all shareholders 15 shares for every 10 share. backpfrontp August 25 evening,stadium lights Hongli Opto-electronic released in 2015 semi-annual report. Earnings data show that in the first half Hongli Opto-electronic revenue reached 693 million yuan, up 62.83 percent; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 57.0335 million yuan, representing an increase of 80.89%. backpfrontp subdivided according to the main business point of view, Hongli Opto-electronic LED package to achieve revenues of the first half of 502 million yuan, of which SMD LED revenue was 4.93 billion yuan, up 67.38 percent,led stadium light its gross margin reached 23.48%. backpfrontp general lighting and automotive lighting revenues were 0.73 billion yuan and 054 million yuan. EMC contract energy management business that is operating income rose 621.49%. backpfrontp as the leading white package, half white Hongli Opto-electronic devices revenue reached 457 million yuan, an increase of 66.47%. backpfrontp Hongli Opto-electronic side said that the first half of 2015, LED lighting market demand is good,high power led flood light the company expanded production scale LED packaging, and increased marketing efforts to promote the release of the company's effective production capacity, in the main business to maintain a stable growth. Meanwhile, the contribution of the subsidiaries acquired part of the performance, so that operating income and net profits have increased greatly. backpfrontp With the rapid growth of demand for LED lighting, Hongli Opto-electronic package as a white leading business scale in recent years,1000W LED flood light rapid expansion, a recent three-year period SMD LED production line capacity utilization increased every year. It is understood that the first quarter of 2015 Hongli Opto-electronic SMD LED capacity utilization reached 88.39%, taking into account the peak monthly production of different factors, Hongli Opto-electronic SMD LED production lines full capacity, can not meet the future needs of the company's rapid growth. backpfrontp August 4,led arena light Hongli Opto-electronic bulletin proposed additional fund-raising not more than 725 million yuan, of which, SMD LED construction projects to be used to raise funds 417,094,300 yuan, the acquisition of 49% stake Companion Hardware and capital projects using funds raised 108.4 million yuan, use funds raised 200 million yuan to add company liquidity. backpfrontp in car networking business, Hongli Opto-electronic Technology 18% equity stake in the Pasadena, while shares of Shenzhen-hui Vision plan, in order to cut vehicle networking industry. In addition to the Cayman net profit of $ 10 million capital increase, planned for the LED industry,led street lighting financial services. backpfrontp company plans to do the LED industry of financial services, need such a partner. Hongli Opto-electronic secretaries when Deng talked about life iron replenishment Cayman net profit, said the company's future plans will be developed into a second major car networking industry, vehicle networking and Internet banking will be more integrated. backp