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High power lighting requirement for large stadium

Nov 11, 2020

High power lighting & lumen requirement for large stadium

In general, the fast action sports, especially those involving small illuminated objects like cricket balls and longer viewing distance require higher lighting levels. The slow speed and large objects like football and close viewing distance require low lighting levels. Outdoor sports lighting helps to achieve supervised training, national training, club training, or international coverage, etc. Various lighting guidelines and specifications recommend different levels for personal sports. Some sports objects can also provide the related lighting specification.

Here is the explanation for sports lighting standard.

1. Class I

The FIFA and UEFA lighting guide classify the training and recreational venues as Class I. The grounds have nearly 200lux horizontal illumination and around 0.5 uniformity. Some high school stadiums and sports lighting fall into this category.

2. Class II

The stadiums in this category include some clubs and leagues stadiums with around 500lux and around 0.6 uniformity. That is the football fields lighting standard, which also applies to the semi-professional stadiums.

3. Class III

The Class III stadiums include those that holding national games with around 750lux horizontal brightness and around 0.7 uniformity, but this standard is only for professional stadiums, not applying to television broadcasts. Some Class I stadiums may hold televised matches, especially those with above 1000lux levels.

The ground illumination of highly professional stadiums, which used for televised national and international matches games, changes from 1000lux to 1500lux and the uniformity ranges between UI at 0.1 and U2 at around 0.8. Such grounds have cameras to broadcast any big event. Therefore, these fields should have higher quality lights.

The exterior lighting level is lower than the daylight level, usually lower than the same sports played in indoor environment. This is because the subject has a high contrast under the adaptive level and dark sky background. The illuminance level highly depend on the difficulty level of the task.