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Future LED dimming system

Oct 19, 2020

Future LED dimming system

So what kind of dimming system should LEDs use?

4.1 PWM Dimming

As mentioned earlier, LED dimming is best to use PWM dimming. When using PWM dimming, you can install a simple PWM generator in the wall switch, and then use the potentiometer to control the PWM duty ratio to achieve dimming. But if you want to switch the lights on and off, you need to add a pair of wires. Therefore, it is not compatible with the lead of the thyristor switch in the original wall. The original thyristor switch has only two leads, which can be dimmed and switched. This advantage is difficult to be compatible. However, in fact, the most commonly used dimming lamps are desk lamps or standing lamps. Those dimmer switches are installed on the power cord instead of the wall, so it does not matter to use the two leads in the wall. In other words, PWM dimming can be directly applied to dimming table lamps.