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from 0-1 and from 1 to N Engineering Annual Ming Microelectronics share unique experiences-OAK LED stadium lights

Jun 17, 2019

 LED stadium lighting is now a shotgun-style competition. According to general manager Li Hua Ming Microelectronics case sigh. emitting area backpfrontp close fight, killing a large area, more severe trauma, this is my understanding of the shotgun, unlike other guns through injury, shotgun emits a plurality of small warheads than the slugs The large cross-section, a higher degree of injury. backpfrontp LED lighting really come this far yet? backpfrontp In fact, in the face of sluggish economic environment, manufacturing downturn, LED lighting and so better days. End application client disorder, so industry supply chain are also a little anxious. backpfrontp driver IC as one of the factors that best enhance the value of high power LED flood lighting, Li Zhaohua that the current technology is already routine, think has made a major breakthrough in technology, it is difficult to achieve in a short time. Now everyone is more endurance competition. Li Zhao-hua said. Competition is not only the endurance driver IC business, but the whole industry chain enterprises. Li Zhaohua opinion, now all companies within the industry are bet in two directions: 0-1 and 1 to N. backpfrontp 0 到 1 is the intelligent lighting, different route, 1 to N is a bet who carry too. Li Zhaohua further explained. Innovation is the process 0-1, rather than process 1 to N. backpfrontp for Ming Microelectronics, the introduction of linear IC is 0-1, insisted linear IC is 1 to N. This is also the company's development has always been. It is understood Ming Microelectronics Linear IC series products have been launched three years, product maturity have been fully tested the market, has been unanimously approved. Not only is less linear constant current IC devices, easy to produce, more concise, and its reliability will get a corresponding increase, while its able to do without the high temperature and low temperature impact, and can support the application of intelligent lighting. backpfrontp future LED lighting solutions will be simplified, while the decline in the price of light efficiency can be improved, in fact, these trends are now beginning to progress. The intelligent lighting with accumulation of time, have begun to show its strong vitality, this is a good opportunity to 0-1 on the LED lighting business and supply chain is. backpfrontp however, to make 0-1, more importantly, to ensure product quality. LED stadium lights product has a strong continuity, not like the market to buy rice to buy food as one-shot deal, but the emphasis is on the stability and reliability of the product when applied, to ensure these, then you can increase the added value better. backpfrontp In this case, the company's goal is even more simple, according to Li Hua believes that to improve the cost-effective, good products clincher. While in the more demanding products, the good replication process 1 to N, to ensure the quality of stability and continuity, is supporting the other business survival to justice. backpfrontp 0 - 1 to create high profits, 1 to N to remain competitive, both are indispensable. How to grasp the balance between the two, Ming Microelectronics LED Engineering in 2015 at the annual meeting will be more in-depth sharing their experiences. backp