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Foshan Lighting interim net profit fell about 5 percent sustained actions affect compensation

Oct 08, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Zhao Hui] shareholders for the Foshan Lighting securities misrepresentation liability disputes the claim continues, only the first half, Foshan Lighting will again 14.1677 million yuan provision for compensation payments. And this may be just a small part of them, there were still more than claims in the trial against the Foshan Lighting. backpfrontp August 28, caught investors claims Foshan Lighting (000541.SZ) released the 2015 semi-annual report. Reported from January to June 2015, Foshan Lighting revenue was 1.524 billion yuan, down 1.21%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit up sharply 46.94%, only 100 million yuan. backpfrontp data show that the first half of Foshan Lighting traditional lighting business income of 767 million yuan, down 30.65%; LED lighting revenues of 744 million yuan, an increase of 76.86%, LED business accounted for 48.82 percent. And the sun lighting, three male Aurora lighting compared to other giants, Foshan Lighting transition LED stadium light's speed was slow. Sun lighting the LED bay light business accounted for more than 66%. a lower title, location, gross margin is not too high; backpfrontp lighting industry believes that the main source Foshan Lighting to its LED lighting products in the industry have \u0026 lsquo; price killer \u0026 rsquo. And there are still some traditional lighting products application space, especially above the product price and technology has been very stable, there are still a lot of profit to be made. backpfrontp earnings data also proved this point, with respect to the LED lighting products, gross profit Foshan stadium Lighting traditional lighting is relatively higher. Data show that, Foshan Lighting traditional lighting products in the first half of the gross profit margin of 27.86%, while the gross profit margin was 18.44% LED lighting. backpfrontp However, with the decline in LED product performance and price stability, and the living space of the traditional lighting products will necessarily be compressed further, especially energy-saving lamp and bulb and other general-purpose traditional lighting products, with the features and price advantage loss of time will be shorter replaced. backpfrontp in Foshan high power led flood Lighting product configuration, bulb, lamp still occupy a major position. In particular, the marketing area of Foshan Lighting is mainly concentrated in traditional circulation, circulation, although low-cost strategy to quickly promote their products to a certain extent, but the low margins, especially in the long run for the brand damage would be immeasurable. Meanwhile, the endless litigation claims investors will continue to affect the performance of Foshan lighting. By the end of 2014, Foshan Lighting has announced provision for compensation payments 61.4383 million yuan, 14.1677 million yuan in the first half of this year once again accrued compensation and legal costs for investors. 1000W led flood light currently pending appeal in Foshan Lighting securities investors a false impact statements there are 4 cases, involving 200 million yuan more than the claim amount. backpfrontp latest news shows, Foshan gym Lighting may be involved in the acquisition of European lighting giant Osram Lighting Division assets. backpfrontp since April this year, OSRAM has now more than informal talks with potential buyers, including Chinese counterparts, the main candidates could include Foshan Lighting, NVC (BDO Runda), sun lighting and a number of listed companies. backpfrontp August 25 evening, Foshan Lighting announcement, the company is working with Bain Capital (Hong Kong) Limited planning a major M \u0026 A matters.