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Considerations of Remote Mounting LED Drivers

Oct 27, 2020

Considerations of Remote Mounting LED Drivers

The technical problem of limiting the remote installation distance of the drive is different from the technical problem for the driver of fluorescent or HID lamps. Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple. For LED lamps, this problem

becomes a system problem, not just a component problem. Therefore, one person cannot answer this question simple distance specification

Constant current application

For constant current drives, the maximum remote installation distance is a function of total distance. The voltage drop across the LED driver output. The total pressure drop is the sum of the pressure drops. The voltage across the LED light engine plus the voltage drop across the conductor connecting the driver to the LED.

With the addition of additional load (ie longer wires), the driver will increase its output voltage to maintain current constant. Therefore, the limit of the constant current driver is the load of its total voltage drop does not exceed the rated maximum voltage of the drive.

Constant voltage application

For constant voltage drives, the issues are similar. Here, the voltage output of the driver remains constant, so when a longer wire is added and the voltage across the wire increases, the voltage across the LED will fall. The limit here is defined by the minimum voltage drop acceptable across the LED.

Generally, as long as a larger gauge wire (such as 14AWG) is used, remote installation will not be a problem.