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China led lights---what should we do for our client

Sep 19, 2016

【frontp [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] sponsored by the Engineering LED Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Award activities, has entered the fiery registration stage, crystal and lighting will bring cowboy series of LED lights LED street lighting race category Product of the Year Award. backpfrontp crystal and LED lighting is a leading provider of energy-efficient lighting solutions by GSR Ventures fund was established in 2009, the main products include LED lights, stadium lights,tunnel lights and other outdoor and indoor lighting, the lamps with light, low thermal resistance design, terms of cooling, drive systems have a higher level. LED production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) Research shows that in 2015 China will be significantly better than the LED lights for approval in 2014, to 2017, China LED lamp industry will usher in a new round of development to break the ice in the spring, high power led floood light,the market size of the industry appears positive growth. backpbackpfrontp Jing and Chen Xin lighting president noted that with the LED lamp technology products to stabilize the overall market street from the previous price fight fight fight technology into service. Changes in the market for grain and lighting has clearly positioning the company - to the community to provide efficient LED lighting solutions.gym lights backpfrontp Chen Xin believes that energy-efficient lighting is not a simple integration, but ponder system is energy-efficient planning and configuration optimization of the entire process perfectly synchronized. The crystal and lighting will be energy-efficient lighting integrated operational responsibility, to provide customers with energy-efficient lighting throughout the value chain services. backpfrontp Crystal LED lamp products and lighting from the project planning, tennis court light,system research, program design to installation and commissioning, and other aspects of life-long service to provide total solutions for our customers all done only to maximize the value to make energy-efficient lighting. backpfrontp for the election of cowboy series LED lights, Chen Xin introduction, the product uses EMC packaging lamp beads, excellent corrosion resistance, cure shrinkage and thermal expansion coefficient is small, more stable performance, led stadium light the product uses perforated cooling, play honeycomb heat For best results, avoiding the heat lamps and reduce the life of the issue. backpbackpfrontp Chen Xin said, cowboy series LED street lamp shell products with a separate power supply chamber, snap design, easy to replace the power supply, can be disassembled by hand. In addition, the design also includes unarmed open junction box, easy to install wiring worker. Power box and lamp shell with high-strength chain connected to removing the power to ensure that the power cartridge is not falling from the sky. backpfrontp cowboy hat entire lighting efficiency reach 110lm / W or more, the light source efficiency of up to 130lm / W. Chen Xin said, in the same road illumination requirements,stadium floodlights cowboy series of products can require a lower wattage, saving customers costs. backpfrontp Guangzhou Hite sky Information System Engineering Co., Ltd. for the product to make such assessment: the overall effect is very good after installation, tunnel illuminance and light distribution uniformity are good, it is a good product. Then, the product can win 2015 Golden Globe LED lights LED Engineering Product of the Year category award, worth the wait. backp