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Beneficial up mid-lighting revenue fell 10 percent to switch to Internet Marketing----OAK LED flood light

Sep 26, 2016

Face LED lighting product prices and gross margins continued to decline in the adverse situation, the real benefits of starting to cut through acquisitions fiery Internet digital marketing. backpfrontp August 24 evening,stadium lights the real benefits of (002137.SZ) disclosed the 2015 semi-annual report. Earnings data show that the first half of the real benefits of operating income of 1.93 billion yuan, down 2.20%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 1.7592 million yuan,led-stadium-light compared with last year dropped 31.35 percent. backpfrontp particular vigilance is beneficial up net profit margin of only 0.91%. backpfrontp Disclosure, the real benefits of the mid-LED lighting business revenue of 56.475 million yuan, down 9.62%, gross profit margin fell to 15.94%.high-power-led-flood-light backpfrontp beneficial up also admits, LED lighting, although the prospects, but the decline in the real economy, industry lacks innovation, under the impact of new technologies and new business models and other background, product homogeneity serious, triggering a vicious competition among enterprises, resulting in product prices and gross margins continued to decline,RGB-led-flood-light the industry is not optimistic about the overall profitability, we are entering the era of meager profit. backpfrontp In this case, the Internet has become the real benefits of digital marketing in the eyes of the golden egg hen.1000W-led-flood-light backpfrontp real benefits of the decision to the digital marketing industry mergers and acquisitions industry as a breakthrough from traditional industries to cut the Internet industry. After a comparative study of the digital marketing industry enterprises in recent years, as well as field research on different types of digital marketing services provider,led-bay-light established the beneficial up to a whole class of service providers as the main text, to build the whole industry chain (creative strategy + technical support + media placement), all media (focus on Internet media, while docking basic transformation plan and flat-screen TV media resources) of digital marketing sector.gym-lights backpfrontp capital increase shares of mobile Internet digital marketing service provider - News Friends of digital, has become a real attempt benefits of strategic investments and layout in the Internet industry. backpfrontp information,tennis-court-lights news Friends of the digital mobile end brand advertisers a focus on mobile Internet integrated marketing service providers, based on social media and the APP class media channels for brand advertisers to provide wireless integrated marketing, brand strategy consulting and other services,led-road-light mainly Customer automobiles, electricity supplier class brand advertisers. backpfrontp the same time to build a full range of digital marketing sector, in July 2015, announced that the real benefits of the proposed issue of shares and payment of cash to total 635 million yuan, of which 381 million yuan to pay the total shares, the purchase of advertising along, Chin and Lee Xuan advertising ad 100% stake, while supporting fund-raising 635 million yuan. Up to now,led-tunnel-light the major asset reorganization meeting of shareholders has been reviewed and approved and submitted to the Commission for review. backpfrontp based lighting business revenue downturn, also decided to terminate the real benefits of LED lighting business with relevant non-public offering to raise capital investment projects and raised funds add liquidity permanent.