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Avoiding LED Light Spill

Mar 29, 2021

Avoiding LED Light Spill

What is Spill Light?

Spill light is a term used by the ASBA that refers to the shine beyond the sports facility that may bother neighboring occupants and adjacent properties.

1. For most exterior lighting projects, usually parking lots or sports fields, there may be some light leakage. For interior lighting, spills are usually redirected back to the target area through reflections from walls, roofs, etc.

2. The main control of light leakage is in the design stage. Light leakage can be minimized by using appropriate lighting equipment and its location, height and aiming. Leaks can be predicted in advance. Lamps with precise optics can minimize light spill. Request lighting calculations so that light leakage is known in advance.

3. Adding protective covers, baffles or natural objects (hedges, walls, etc.) can further help the process.

4. To avoid light overflow, it may be necessary to use an asymmetrical illuminator near the "sensitive" perimeter to prevent any backward overflow.