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Apron lighting standards

Apr 23, 2020

Apron lighting standards

Apron lighting is the necessary part of modern airports lighting. The good apron lighting considerably facilitates the apron maneuverings for aircraft pilots. It also increased safety and speed of maneuverings, the quality of maintenance by comfortable vision conditions for attending personnel. All of these are the important factors for fail-safety and reliable flight service.

The basic requirement for apron lighting stated in International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules [1]. In accordance with ICAO Riles the apron defined as "area on a land aerodrome intended to accommodate aircraft for the purpose of loading and unloading passengers, mail and cargo; refueling; parking or maintenance". The primary functions of apron lighting are:

• to assist the pilot to taxi his aircraft into and out of the final parking position;

• to provide lighting suitable for embarkation and debarkation of passengers, loading and unloading cargo, refueling and performing other apron service function;

• maintain airport security.

Uniform illuminance of the pavement within the aircraft stand area (parking place) and glare restriction are the major requirements. It is necessary to obtain the following ICAO recommendations:

• an average horizontal illumination should be not less than 20 lx for aircraft stands. The uniformity ratio (average illuminance to minimum) should be not more then 4:1. Average vertical illuminance at a height of 2 meters should be not less than 20 lx in relevant directions;

• in order to maintain acceptable visibility conditions the average horizontal illumination on the apron, except where service functions are taking place, should not be less than 50 % of the average horizontal illuminance of the aircraft stands, within a uniformity ratio of 4:1 (average to minimum). The area between the aircraft stands and the apron limit (service equipment, parking area, service roads) should be illuminated to an average horizontal illumination of 10 lx.