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Application and lighting of floodlights

Jul 29, 2020

Application and lighting of floodlights

Floodlights are not spotlights or projection lights. Floodlights can produce highly diffuse, directionless light instead of clear contours, so the shadows produced by floodlights will be softer and more transparent. And when it has the lens with beam angle, the light would be soft and directional.


Floodlights are widely used and are used in many large public places, such as roads, squares, buildings and railway tunnels. Floodlights are also mostly used for billboards. The giant billboards are installed with floodlights up and down according to the lighting requirements. The angle of the floodlights at this time is designed according to the lighting requirements. All parts of the billboards are irradiated with uniform light to achieve the best lighting effect. When you look at the giant billboard from a distance, you can clearly understand the content of the billboard. The poorly illuminated billboards seem to be partially too bright and partially too dark, thus losing the meaning of billboard lighting.


Features of floodlights

1. Long life span, the life span of high-quality lamp beads is generally more than 50,000 hours

2. Energy saving, the energy used by the 85W floodlight is equivalent to that of the 500W incandescent lamp;

3. Environmental protection. Unlike halogen lamps and other bulbs, which are easily broken and contain pollutants, floodlights have a high recycling rate;

4. Good color rendering, its color rendering index is greater than 80, and the light color is soft and natural;

5. No preheating is required, it can be started and restarted immediately, and the light will not decline after multiple switches;

6.Ultra-low frequency flicker, the working frequency of floodlights is very high, almost no flicker effect, will not cause eye fatigue, and protect our vision health;

7.Color temperature is optional, you can freely choose from 2700k-6500k according to your needs, and can be made into colored bulbs for garden lighting;

8. Excellent electrical performance, high power factor of floodlight, can output constant luminous flux;

9. It has high installation adaptability and can be installed in any orientation without restriction.