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Analytic design considerations for LED outdoor lighting

Aug 17, 2012

One, work environment

LED outdoor lighting due to poor working environment, affected by the wind and rain the Sun, sunlight UV irradiation, Diurnal variations in temperature, and dust in the air, conditions such as chemical gas, lighting nature of aging aging process year after year. Design should be fully taken into account when the impact of these factors.

Second, LED lighting materials and cooling options

Housings and radiator design as a whole, used to solve the heating problem of LED lighting, better this way, usually made of aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, and good thermal conductivity of other alloys. Cooling with air convection cooling, air cooling heat sink and heat, (Jet-cooled heat sink is also a similar heat, but the structure is more complex. )

Choose what kind of cooling, has a direct impact on lighting costs, should be taken into account, and design products supporting the optimal solution.

Lampshade material selection is critical, currently used with transparent Plexiglas and PC material, traditional lamp shades are a transparent glass, Lampshade design exactly what materials related to the grade of product positioning, generally speaking, the outdoor lamp shade the best of traditional glass products, it is the manufacture of long-life, the best choice for upscale lighting. Made of transparent materials such as plastic, plexiglass lamp shades, Interior lamp Lampshade is better, for outdoor life limited because outdoor sunlight, ultraviolet rays, dust, chemicals, factors such as changes in temperature between day and night shades-aging-life cut short, followed by pollution is not easy to settle clean, shade effects less light output.

Third, LED chip packaging

Current domestic production of LED lamps (mainly Street) are mostly use 1W LED a number of series and parallel Assembly, this more advanced method of thermal resistance packaging technology products is high, is not easy to create a high-quality lighting. Or use 30W, 50W or more modules to be assembled in order to meet the needs of power, these LED encapsulation material useful epoxy silicone useful package. Hermes optical said: at present, LED industry is in a period of rapid development, at huge economic market in the world, who can discover opportunities who can master the time lifeline. E-commerce channel has saved offline channels marketing, storage, personnel, and other high cost advantages, while manufacturers in the electric business channel can have more innovation in the pioneering ideas.