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Analysis on the development trend of global LED lighting industry in the future

Feb 19, 2019

Analysis on the development trend of global LED lighting industry in the future


2018, the global economy is volatile, many countries economic downturn, weak market demand, LED lighting market growth momentum is bland and weak, but in the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies continue to be positive background, the global LED lighting industry penetration rate is further improved.

In the future, with the continuous development of lighting energy-saving technology, the main character of the traditional lighting market is converted from incandescent lamps to LEDs, as well as the internet of things, the next generation of network, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology widely used, smart city has become an inevitable trend. In addition, from the market demand point of view, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other regions of emerging countries have a strong demand force.

Prospect forecast, the future global LED lighting market will present three major development trends: Zhi Hui lighting, niche lighting, emerging countries lighting.

Development Trend One: Intelligent lighting

With the maturity of technology, products and the spread of related concepts, global smart lighting is expected to reach $13.4 billion in 2020. Industrial & amp; Commercial for intelligent lighting the largest application field, because of the digital characteristics, intelligent lighting will bring more new business models and value growth points for these two areas.

Development Trend II: Niche lighting

 Four niche lighting markets, including plant lighting, medical lighting, fishery lighting and maritime port lighting. Among them, the United States and China market rapid lifting of plant lighting demand, plant plant construction and greenhouse lighting needs as the main kinetic energy.

Development Trend III: Lighting in emerging countries

Economic development in emerging countries has led to infrastructure and increased urbanization rates, and the construction of large commercial facilities and infrastructure and industrial zones has stimulated demand for LED lighting. In addition, the energy conservation and emission reduction policies of various national and local governments, such as energy subsidies, tax incentives, etc., large-scale project projects such as street lighting, residential and commercial area transformation, as well as the improvement of lighting product standards certification, are promoting LED lighting promotion. Among them, the Vietnamese market in Southeast Asia and the Indian market grew fastest.