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Analysis on China's IC core equipment for LED lighting

Sep 20, 2013

For a long time, because LED chip industry and its manufacturing core technology lies in the hands of a few companies in foreign countries, and this makes the LED industry appears overall level is not high at the same time, having to rely on imported foreign chip-making equipment, which lead to high prices, affect its application.

2009 Guangdong Foshan Nanhai LED lighting device as the project is developed by the Huazhong University of Science Professor Gan Zhiyin's research and development team, and with Guangdong Foshan City Nanhai Chao group reached a cooperative development agreement, to proceed with the project prototype and industrialization. Budget investment of about 500 million dollars of the project, the first phase investment of 80 million Yuan, is to break the monopoly of foreign technology, China's first, fourth in the world production LED lighting chips core equipment manufacturing projects, this would mean restricting the bottleneck of LED lighting industry in China is expected to realize localization of core equipment. After the industrialization of products, would allow domestic semiconductor lighting industry is truly master technology initiative, will also allow the LED chip production cost is greatly reduced.

With energy-efficient and environment-friendly characteristics, LED industry obtained rapid development in the country. By 2015, the LED industry is expected to reach 500 billion yuan, for MOCVD equipment in recent years, most of the dependence on imports, the market monopolized by Western companies. MOCVD equipment purchases in the past two years as "crazy" growth in MOCVD equipment County in recent years growth has been among the world's top 2010 years ago County MOCVD capacity only about 150 units as of November 2012 909 sets.

MOCVD equipment successfully, meaning that long-term monopoly of technology from abroad will be broken, many LED companies will bid farewell to rely completely on foreign products, shorten the gap and the world, domestic LED independent industrial ecological chain will be more perfect.