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Analysis of LED lighting applications in green building

Mar 14, 2014

Recently, the State development and Reform Commission and other six ministries jointly issued the Semiconductor Lighting industry plan, introduced "Twelve-Five" during China's LED industry development objectives, major tasks, key projects and support measures, identified the promotion of LED lighting industry output grew 30%, 2015 to reach 450 billion yuan, including LED lighting products to reach 180 billion yuan.

As energy, the construction industry of the country's total energy consumption has been on an upward trend. According to the China architecture design and Research Institute, Deputy Chief Engineer Zhang Wencai introduced, China's building energy consumption with a lot compared to countries with similar climate, in which lighting energy consumption percentage was pretty high up. Therefore, LED lighting products in the construction industry, in particular in the application of green building potential is enormous.

Is a quantitative standard for energy efficiency of lighting systems, most notably the lighting power density is not more than the standard values. Selection focused on selection of high luminous efficiency of light source accessories, low power consumption and high efficiency rectifiers, after careful calculation, can reach the power density value is even lower than the target level. But designed for use in products of high efficiency, energy-saving effect is greatly reduced if not properly controlled may make. Existing lighting control method with single lamp control, light control, building automation control and intelligent control systems and so on many kinds of intelligent lighting control system is set in the many projects.