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After its first semi-annual report Aorui backdoor net profit quadrupl---OAK led flood light

Sep 29, 2016

  text / Engineering LED Gan Qin At present, LED sapphire material high degree of prosperity continue to be stretched, especially with the LED, mobile phones and digital cameras and other consumer electronics products on the sapphire material continued growth in demand,high power led flood light sapphire material more extensive applications, entered a rapid growth phase. backpfrontp the first half of 2015, Aorui (600666.SH) to benefit from sapphire crystal materials and sapphire crystal growth equipment sales increased influence, the company achieved a net revenue increased double. backpfrontp August 25 evening, Aorui released the first half of the performance report shows that during the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 565 million yuan, an increase of 215.54 percent over the previous year;1000W LED flood light net profit of 111 million yuan, an increase of 408.99 over the previous year %. backpfrontp It is understood that, in July 2015, Aorui implemented a major reorganization of assets, the company name was changed from Southwest Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as Ao Ruide Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., the securities referred to change to Aorui from southwest medicine, primary Camp business change sapphire crystal materials, sapphire crystal furnace and product development, production and sales. backpfrontp Ao Ruide left Hongbo, chairman, said the completion of this major asset restructuring, the company continues to focus on the sapphire crystal materials research and development and production and other main business,RGB led flood light continued to increase investment in research and market development efforts to enhance research and development capabilities and technology, optimize the product structure and industrial layout, advance planning and extend the industrial chain, and further enhance the company's innovation capability and core competitiveness. backpfrontp company implemented after the completion of this major asset restructuring, the core business around the company's main subsidiary Aorui limited to achieve. Left Hongbo said Aorui limited is one of the world's leading manufacturer of sapphire material, is one of the world's few with a 4 inches above products large-scale production capacity of enterprises, with a strong influence in the industry. backpfrontp left Hongbo introduction, Aorui limited production can diameter of 2 inches,stadium lights 4 inches and 6 inches or more high-quality sapphire crystal rods, product stability, consistency is high, and can better control the residual stress of crystals, effectively reduce the generation of crystal crack, greatly improving the yield of sapphire crystal. backpfrontp addition, the report shows that as of June 30, 2015, a wholly owned subsidiary Harbin Aorui Ao Ruide Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., achieved operating income of 622,144,300 yuan, operating profit of 167,624,100 yuan, net profit of 144,281,300 yuan, net Profit increased by 114,719,100 yuan, up 388.06 percent. The subsidiary is mainly engaged in the sapphire crystal materials, the semiconductor substrate wafer, crystal growth equipment production and sales.led stadium light backpfrontp plans for the second half, left Hongbo said the company will fast to the sapphire material processing and downstream applications development, enhance and consolidate the dominant position in the industry and the market, in addition, the company will visit the capital market platform opportunities by means of multi-channel Ways planning new profit growth point.