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Advantages of SCR dimming

Oct 12, 2020

Advantages of SCR dimming

Although SCR dimming has so many shortcomings and problems, it has certain advantages, that is, it has formed an alliance with incandescent halogen lamps, occupying a large dimming market. If the LED wants to replace the position of incandescent and halogen lamps with SCR dimming, it must also be compatible with SCR dimming.

Specifically, in some places where SCR dimmable incandescent or halogen lamps have been installed, SCR dimming switches and knobs have been installed on the walls, and two leads to lamps have been installed Connection line. It is not so easy to replace the thyristor switch on the wall and increase the number of connecting wires. The easiest way is to keep everything unchanged. LED bulbs with light function will do. This kind of strategy is just like led fluorescent lamp. It is best to make it the same size as the current T10 and T8 fluorescent lamps. It does not require a professional electrician. Ordinary people can directly replace it. Therefore, many foreign manufacturers of LED driver ICs have developed ICs that are compatible with existing thyristor dimming.

The difference with the general flyback IC is that they can detect the conduction angle of the thyristor to determine the LED current for dimming. We are not going to introduce their working principles and performance in detail because we Think this is the direction of LED dimming.