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Advantages of LED Solar Street Light

Jul 30, 2020

Advantages of LED Solar Street Light

There are eight advantages of LED solar street light

1. Energy-saving, solar street light is using the natural light sources , the solar energy, reducing the consumption of electrical energy;

2. Safety, when using the normal street light, it might has the hidden safety hazards caused by construction quality, material aging, power supply failure and other reasons. The solar street lamp does not use alternating current, and uses a battery to absorb solar energy and convert low-voltage direct current into light energy, so there is no hidden danger;

3. Environmental protection, no pollution and no radiation for solar street lights

4. High-tech content, solar street lights are controlled by an intelligent controller, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the lights according to the natural brightness of the sky within 1day and the brightness required by people in various environments;

5. Durable. At present, most of the production technologies of solar cell modules are enough to ensure that the performance does not decline for more than 10 years, and the solar cell modules can generate electricity for 25 years or more;

6.Low maintenance costs, in remote areas far from towns, in order to maintain or repair conventional power generation, transmission, street lights and other equipment costs are high. Solar street lights only require periodic inspections and very little maintenance, and their maintenance costs are less than conventional power generation systems;

7.The installation components are modularized, and the installation is flexible and convenient, which is convenient for users to choose and adjust the capacity of solar street lights according to their needs;

8.Autonomous power supply, solar street lights running off-grid have the autonomy and flexibility of power supply.