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Advantages of LED modular design

May 23, 2019

Advantages of LED modular design


①Effective Cost Reduction

1. Reduce the number of packages and save packaging costs;

2. Improve consistency with environmental and conditional production and improve yield;

3. Reduce optical design costs;

4. Reduce the cost of heat dissipation design;

5, batch mixed packaging, reduce the cost of binning;

6, product design simplification, reducing overall costs;

7, low-cost packaging architecture. This technology will guide the LED lighting industry to develop in a healthy direction.

②Thermal Resistance Reduction

1. The light source is directly combined with the outer casing heat sink;

2. Avoid PCB as a heat medium;

3. Reduce the chip-to-case heat dissipation path;

4. Adopt new heat transfer technology; the most effective way to reduce heat dissipation and solve heat dissipation design problems.

③Constant Current Accuracy

1. The Vf value is uniformly considered in the module;

2. The constant current source is less affected by the outside world;

3, the linear technology is mature and high, no peripheral devices affect the accuracy;

4. There is no EMI interference problem affecting accuracy;

5. Multiple parallels do not independently affect the accuracy;

6. It is not affected by power fluctuations and the load constant current accuracy. The highest constant current precision architecture, the design architecture that optimizes LED brightness uniformity and lifetime.

④Rrotecting Integrated Design

1. Built-in temperature protection;

2. Internal power supply and protection technology;

3. Built-in high grayscale interface;

4. Short circuit and open circuit protection;

5, can set the linkage protection function;

6, ESD protection.

  Breaking the original product design according to the light source, in turn, customizing the LED light source package form according to the product; maximizing the product creative display; designing the optical package structure due to the product; low cost; designing the heat dissipation structure with the product, reducing the thermal resistance; high constant current precision; The protection function is integrated.