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Accelerate the transformation of LED lighting Feile Audio-Visual Center Daily News net profit by 2 times--oak led flood light

Oct 08, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] In last year's annual report disclosed, Feile Audio-Visual (600651) The 2015 business objectives and business plan development are: the main business income of 38.5 billion, and strive to complete the 5 billion yuan. From the first half of this year the situation, the company realized main business income of 1.473 billion yuan, completed only 38.3 percent of the budget to accomplish the desired goals stadium lights, the second half of the need to intensify. backpfrontp August 28, Feile Audio-Visual performance report released in the first half, the report period, the company achieved total revenue of 1,473,801,000 yuan, an increase of 45.6%, net profit of 70.7924 million yuan, representing an increase of 271.88%. backpfrontp However, from performance green lighting industry company, a wholly owned subsidiary, the net profit were down there. wherein the wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Yaming main products for traditional lighting,Gym lights general lighting products, the first half the company achieved total revenue of 696.48 million yuan, representing a decrease of 10.3% over the same period last year, net profit of 3.31 million yuan, down 82.5 percent. Feile Audio-Visual secretaries Zhao Kailan that since Benjamin company is currently in transition traditional lighting LED lighting stage, the occurrence of a large number of research and development costs. At the same time, the conversion rate of R \u0026 D results is not high, affecting the economic Yaming companies. backpfrontp subsidiary Beijing Shen An investment group Limited is the leading provider of LED lighting solutions, to provide lighting project design, construction, contracting and technical services, accompanying supporting sales all kinds of LED stadium light products or custom class lighting products, the half the company achieved total revenue of 499.84 million yuan, an increase of 27.1% over last year, net profit of 18.6 million yuan, down 59.5 percent. backpfrontp In addition, the main automotive LED lighting products St. Lanna Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai, the main production, processing and sales of auto parts, electronic products, electrical equipment, technical services, electronic technology in the field in the first half the company achieved total revenue of 288.44 million yuan, 30.6% increase over last year, net profit of 20.84 million yuan, down 4.0%. backpfrontp Zhao Kailan said the reporting period, management fee of 173.79 million yuan, representing an increase of 73.02 million yuan a year earlier, mainly due to changes in scope of consolidation company,high power led flood light and in late 2014 after the company completed a major reorganization of assets, increase the company's brand publicity increase the management staff salaries and other expenses efforts to enhance their own lighting design and ability to undertake the project, and increase investment in research caused. backpfrontp faced with the rapid development of 1000W LED flood light, energy-saving lighting technology requirements for higher standards and the continued rise in labor costs, etc., Feile Audio-Visual will accelerate the development of lighting applications and market development. Zhao Kailan said the company from traditional lighting to a low-carbon green LED lighting transformation, to the wisdom of lighting development on this basis, to the wisdom of the city as a business platform to the starting point for the business wisdom street network, expand their business scope and channels. backpfrontp overall in 2015, the company as a business platform for smart city, smart streetlight network starting point for the business,led arena light continue to increase investment in new services, foster the development of new business models and new business applications, and the introduction of market-based mechanisms to develop These services, efforts to complete the intelligent lighting product chain layout, and expect 2 - truly wide application of intelligent lighting products appear three years.  Feile Audio-Visual the international strategy as an important business strategy for future development, the company aimed at the international market, and gradually move towards international operations track. Zhao Kailan said the first half of 2015, the company in France, Hungary investment to set up a subsidiary, in this way the company product technology, brand culture, the production base extends to foreign markets, efforts to promote the development of the company in the international LED lighting industry.