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2014 LED five major segments feature explanation

Nov 05, 2014

2014 field of LED display screen has the following characteristics:

1, 2014, little change in LED display market in China compared to the first half of last year, orders is relatively stable, but many small and medium enterprises profit is profit, and the widespread problem of back, "triangular" remains a common problem LED display industry.

2, a new market segment LED displays a new growth point. Outdoor advertising media, indoor small space market segment is still growth, makes the LED display industry maintain growth. Areas such as Lehman and optical layout sports media.

3, LED display of the "small time"--two LED screens. Global LED manufacturers began competing to launch their own small space strategy, both at home and abroad also LED with small spacing this product's prospects look good. Among them, high density LED display with small spacing is the important emerging markets, is currently one of the higher-margin markets.

2014-LED street light field has the following characteristics:

1, LED street lighting environment as a whole tend to be stable, but due to the change in Government, corruption and many other objective factors, LED street light speed is significantly lower than the expectations this year, a slowdown, supply situation, the market is more rational.

2, and overall view, this year LED Street regardless of in overall road according to degrees, and uniform degrees and glare light control aspects are has considerable of progress, but due to market needs crunch and the LED Street manufacturers base huge led to market competition fierce, LED Street orders more concentrated Yu scale larger of enterprise, future LED Street manufacturers except spell quality is spell price, sought new of economic growth is all LED Street manufacturers of target.

3, changes in structure design of LED street lamps, light source module into a new trend in the future. Once the previous monolithic and modular design lighting problems that must be the whole lamp replaced, but only after replacing the light source module electrical part, although from the perspective of the single lamp did not cost savings, but cheaper in the long run.